Customize Christmas ornaments!

Ornaments are a key element in our Christmas decoration, however we use the same ones year after year. So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to customize Christmas ornaments? Like that, we can get some creative and new ornaments from our old ones. It’s really easy to make our classical Christmas ornaments look more modern. You can roll them with

White decoration (Part 2)

White is a color that transmits elegance and serenity. It is a color that is always in and that you can have in your home for the rest of your live. White decoration has no limits, we can even find places in which all the decoration is made in white. We have already talked about this color in the first

Creative ideas to reuse plastic bottles

We all have some plastic bottles in house from water, soft-drinks, etc. Today we will bring here a DIY recycle project with some creative ideas to reuse plastic bottles instead of throwing them away. We have always thought that we can turn some things into beautiful project just if we have always recycling in mind and with some creativity. Here

Brilliant ideas for recycling CDs

In Becoration we love DIY projects, that’s why we bring here all the ideas we find so that you can also enjoy making these awesome projects. When you use recycled materials in this kind of projects it is even better because you can get rid of things you don’t use anymore turning them into beautiful crafts to decorate your home

Scrap wood decor

A few days ago we talked about eco-trend in decoration. Today we bring you some ideas to do your own eco decoration using scrap wood. This material could be used for almost everything and in a lot of different decoration styles. We can buy wood or use old furniture, pallets or other kind of wood to do it. In this

Lovely decoration ideas for couples

When you move to a new house with your boyfriend or girlfriend your new decoration may be complicated. Sometimes your tastes or prefferences may vary a lot and decoration can be a nightmare. In this post we share with you some ideas that both of you will love for sure. The purpose is having a house that has something unique,

Ideas for decorating with sliced Wood (Part 2)

Decorating with recycled materials is always a good idea. It is a good way to get rid of waste at the same time you don’t spend money and you are environmentally friendly. If you don’t have trees in your garden and you can’t pick up tree branches anywhere don’t worry, you can also buy this material in crafts shops. Recycling

Decorating walls with washi tape

We have already introduced you to the world of washi tape in previous articles (Ideas for decorating with washi tape Part 1 and Part 2). You already know that you can make endless crafts with this material and that you can use it to decorate almost everything. Now we are going to use washi tape to decorate walls. We have

Ideas for decorating with sliced wood (Part 1)

When decorating, we know we can use hundreds of materials. The problem sometimes is that we lack the creativity needed. We tend to think as all people think. But here be bring you some ideas to make your place feel special. Using recycled materials is a great idea for making your DIY projects. It is cheaper than anything and normally

Ideas for decorating with washi tape (Part 2)

If you love crafts and decoration you should know what washi tape is. Washi tape is used on interior decoration and DIY because it is easy to use, cheap and the results are really beautiful. For further information about washi tape, you can go to ideas for decorating with washi tape Part 1. There are endless washi tape projects. Here

10 ideas for recycling wrapping paper

When you receive a gift, don’t throw the wrapping paper away. Recycling wrapping paper can be a great idea for decorating. Besides, it is the perfect excuse to keep your favorite ones. I personally try to reuse wrapping paper for wrapping other gifts, but there are other options for giving it a second chance. Do you want to know how?

Our favorite Christmas ideas

Christmas is gone, but we can’t stop thinking about it yet. We have seen a lot of cool stuff about Christmas DIY and decorating so today, although Christmas have finished, we bring some ideas for the next year. Here we are going to do a collection of the 20 ideas we have liked the most. “JOY” door decoration  Christmas mailbox

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