15 DIY projects to say someone “I Love you”

Along our life, there are some moments in which we should say “I love you” to all those persons that are by your side and there’s not better way than by making them a DIY Project. Some people think that we should just give presents in important days like Christmas or Saint Valentine’s day,  but every day is good to

DIY candle holder made with spoons!

Today we want to bring here a really interesting craft, why? because it is cheap, easy and it looks awesome. It sounds good, right? If you want to know what we are talking about, keep reading. The craft we are showing you today is a candle holder, but not a normal one, it is made out of plastic spoons! You

How to make paper stars with origami paper

Today we are going to show you a tutorial about how to make origami paper stars. They are very useful to decorate your children’s room, the living room and even for your Christmas décor. If you use different colors you can adapt this stars to different decorations. What you need For making this project you’ll need some pieces of origami

Ikea hacks: Malma mirror

Today we bring here some ideas to customize your Malma mirror. This mirror can be found in IKEA shops worldwide and it costs only 1,99$. For this reasons a lot of people have used it to make their DIY projects. It is beautiful and simple and it can give you endless possibilities. Taking this cheap mirror you can have very

Lovely cards for St. Valentine ’s Day

Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s day, the day in which the couples say how much they love each other. I think that love should be grown day by day, but if you want to say something beautiful to your couple, we will help you to solve that issue. Valentine’s cards are a long tradition; it is a very beautiful way to

Painting with kisses

Today we have a funny and lovely craft, a picture that you’ll love and that will look awesome in your home. You just need your kisses, it sounds good, isn’t it? You can use different lipsticks that you have in your home and stamp your lips in a piece of fabric that we will then put in a frame. You

How to make roses with felt

Christmas just finished and we’re already thinking about the next date on the calendar: St. Valentine’s Day, a very special day for those who are deeply in love and want to show their feelings to their couple in a very romantic way! A very common choice for this day is giving red roses, a flower whose price increases considerably during

Ideas for decorating with sliced Wood (Part 2)

Decorating with recycled materials is always a good idea. It is a good way to get rid of waste at the same time you don’t spend money and you are environmentally friendly. If you don’t have trees in your garden and you can’t pick up tree branches anywhere don’t worry, you can also buy this material in crafts shops. Recycling

Decorating walls with washi tape

We have already introduced you to the world of washi tape in previous articles (Ideas for decorating with washi tape Part 1 and Part 2). You already know that you can make endless crafts with this material and that you can use it to decorate almost everything. Now we are going to use washi tape to decorate walls. We have

Ideas for decorating with sliced wood (Part 1)

When decorating, we know we can use hundreds of materials. The problem sometimes is that we lack the creativity needed. We tend to think as all people think. But here be bring you some ideas to make your place feel special. Using recycled materials is a great idea for making your DIY projects. It is cheaper than anything and normally

Ideas for decorating with washi tape (Part 2)

If you love crafts and decoration you should know what washi tape is. Washi tape is used on interior decoration and DIY because it is easy to use, cheap and the results are really beautiful. For further information about washi tape, you can go to ideas for decorating with washi tape Part 1. There are endless washi tape projects. Here

DIY: Decorating pots with branches

Today we are going to decorate pots with cut branches. It is a clever idea because this time we won’t add the branches vertically as we have traditionally seen in other DIY projects. With a little sew; we will cut all the branches. We must be careful because we have to cut them with the appropriate thickness, in order to

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