Rooms of Ikea 2016 catalogue

The amazing Ikea 2016 catalogue is already here! As always, it is full of ideas, inspiration and new awesome pieces of furniture. Ikea is always a good option, and they want to prove it every year. When I receive my catalogue at home it is like a party day! I love to read every page,  see what’s new and see

Put a locker in your home

Lockers are not a place to store just your books. They are normally used in your school or changing room but they can have much more uses. You can also use them to store other things or as a decorative element. Industrial and vintage look are a clear trend right now. Vintage lockers can be the best decorative element if

Working space decor inspiration

Do you need some inspiration?  Today we are going to show you some ideas and tips to decorate your working space. Get the ambience you need and star working. Both if you work inside or outside home, today we want to show you some tips to decorate your working space. We normally just need a PC to work at home,

DIY desk organizer

Today we want to bring here an awesome DIY craft, something that can make our office a much more organized and beautiful place. If you want to know how to do it, keep reading! Sometimes we spend a lot of time organizing our stuff and we don’t know that if we create a system for organizing our stuff we can

Cork boards: A great idea for our workplace.

Decoration is very important in our workplace, it make us being for comfortable and enjoy in a place where we spend a lot of hours. We have talks previously about the decoration of this kind of places, it must fit your style and be a quiet and pleasant space. Today we will not only talk about decoration but also about

Inspiring office decorations for creative people

An office for creative people should be a motivating space where ideas come out easier. It’s recommended creating adapted atmospheres filled with personality and creativity in order to stimulate the senses and the mind. Like this, it will be much easier creating original ideas and achieving great results! That’s why, today, we’d love to share with you some inspiring office

How to decorate creative offices for motivated enterprises!

The office can be like a second home. Some employees spend a lot of hours in the office, that’s why it’s very important that they feel as confortable as possible within those walls. Big brands such as Google, Facebook or Apple have been innovating for years in their office’s design, and if we consider their profit, it looks like it

White decoration (Part 1)

White is a color that transmits elegance and serenity. It is a color that is always in and that you can have in your home for the rest of your live. White decoration has no limits, we can even find places in which all the decoration is made in white. It’s main advantage is that we can make spaces look

20 DIY tricks for organizing your office

To be productive at work, it’s essential to have a well-organized workspace where you are at ease. If your workspace uses to be a bit messed up, you’ll find the following post quite useful to take some ideas to organize it. These tips will inspire you to personalize your office in order to make it more comfortable and tidy, regardless of

Some ideas to decorate your office

Today, we bring you some ideas to inspire your imagination to decorate your workspace. It uses to be easier to start decorating when we have some ideas as an inspiration to create our ideal decoration. That’s why we’d love to share these ideas with you! Moreover, you’ll also find some tips to create a truly work environment. FURNITURE For a

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