Different ways to divide spaces in small flats

If you don’t have enough square meters in your home and you need to divide some spaces, here you have some ideas that may help you. Do you have a small flat? The room is big but you have to divide ambiences? It is really common to need new spaces in your home, especially in small flats of lofts or

Decorate your pool with the last trends

With this hot weather we can only think about one thing: our swimming pool! And for that, we bring some cool ideas to decorate it. Summer is the time to enjoy the things we have, so to do it, we show you some ideas to get the most out of your pool. A special touch and some practical ideas that

Decorating with plants: a green touch in your decoration

Plants should be a key decorative elements of any house. They have a lot of benefits at the same time that they are truly attractive decorative complements. Decorating with plants is great for providing a fresh and green touch to your environments. Source: Bloomingville Decorating with plants is one of the best ideas inside of the world of indoor and outdoor decoration. Natural

Ikea’s plants and ornaments to have a Green summer

Ikea’s ornaments can help you to decorate your summery spaces. Don’t forget to use plants in this season, they give a lot of color to your décor. In Ikea’s catalogue 2015 you can find a lot of ideas to decorate your home for this summer. If you go to any shop you can see the new products and pick the

25 projects to create little indoor gardens

Not everybody has the possibility to have a garden in their homes because they don’t have enough space. This is not a problem anymore thanks to the idea we are bringing you today. In all homes the garden should be a must, an open area to plant our favorite plants, but not everyone has that possibility. Despite that, we can

Tips for taking care of indoor plants

Indoor plants need some basic cares to be maintained in perfect conditions. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to take care of common plants. However, there are some types of plants that are more delicate and need another kind of maintenance. Tips for taking care of indoor plants Avoid moving them frequently. Indoor plants are sensitive to changes,

How to care for indoor cacti

Taking care of indoor cacti is a rather easy task, since they don’t need too much water in comparison with other plants and they are truly resistant plants. However, it’s always useful knowing some tips to follow if we have any doubt. So, if you’d like to know something more about how to care for indoor cacti, take a look

5 flowers for your decoration

There are many different flowers for decorating our spaces. There are some very exotic and others that we have used throughout history. If you are going to grow them in your garden, best thing is choosing different flowers that fit your lifestyle, I mean, take into account the time available you have. There are some very beautiful flowers that require

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