Recycled board for your cups

This beautiful recycled board for your cups will help you to keep them organized in your kitchen or dining room. Moreover, it’s a great decorative idea; the contrast between the colorful cups and the wood will give an original touch to your wall’s décor. Recycling is a good alternative nowadays; it allows you to take advantage of every type of

Creative ideas to reuse plastic bottles

We all have some plastic bottles in house from water, soft-drinks, etc. Today we will bring here a DIY recycle project with some creative ideas to reuse plastic bottles instead of throwing them away. We have always thought that we can turn some things into beautiful project just if we have always recycling in mind and with some creativity. Here

Brilliant ideas for recycling CDs

In Becoration we love DIY projects, that’s why we bring here all the ideas we find so that you can also enjoy making these awesome projects. When you use recycled materials in this kind of projects it is even better because you can get rid of things you don’t use anymore turning them into beautiful crafts to decorate your home

DIY ideas to decorate your garden

It is possible that, although you have some flowers in your garden, it stills seems a bit empty. Don’t worry about it! Sometimes we need some external elements so that our garden look funny and original. In this post we’ll offer you some DIY projects so that you spend your time decorating your garden with special ornaments that everyone’ll love.

Decorative paper cups made with recycled paper

Today, we want to share with you these beautiful decorative paper cups made with recycled paper. With this idea, you can recycle your newspapers, magazines, books and any kind of paper you don’t need anymore. This tableware is a really creative decoration that won’t be unnoticed. Remember no to pour any beverages into them, they’re just for decorating! You can fill

22 creative ideas to transform a bottle of wine into a functional masterpiece

Today, we want to show you some ideas to give your empty bottles of wine a second chance. Recycling your empty bottles of wine is easy and these crafts will look amazing at your home; they are functional, beautiful and creative. We hope that the following collection of pictures inspire you to make your own crafts with empty bottles of

Recycled decorative mirror

Today, we want to share with you this beautiful idea for recycling and making a decorative mirror you’ll be able to place anywhere at home. Using recycled materials for making crafts is quite common nowadays. The trend started more than a decade ago and it’s considered a great way of recycling and making gorgeous crafts that will make your home

Ideas for decorating a flowerpot

Today we bring here some ideas for decorating an old flowerpot, that one that looks so boring and ugly, that you don’t use anymore. If you are looking for a decorative solution to this flowerpot, here you have five that you’ll love. Do you want to know them? Decorating a flowerpot is a great solution to make your place look

20 DIY tricks for organizing your office

To be productive at work, it’s essential to have a well-organized workspace where you are at ease. If your workspace uses to be a bit messed up, you’ll find the following post quite useful to take some ideas to organize it. These tips will inspire you to personalize your office in order to make it more comfortable and tidy, regardless of

Gorgeous ideas for recycling egg cartons

Today, we bring you some ideas for recycling egg cartons. These usual containers can be reused in a lot of different ways, for example they’re made of a really well insulating material that is perfect for soundproofing. In the following post, we’ll gather the ideas we’ve like the most to give our egg cartons a second chance. Mini-flowerpots made with

Bottles decorated with colored sand

There are so many gorgeous details you can add to your home’s decoration; today we’d love to share with you this great idea to recycle bottles and jars. With just some colored sand, you’ll transform your boring bottles into beautiful ornaments! Source: Ideas creativas y manualidades For making these bottles decorated with colored sand, you’ll just need some bottles of

5 things you can do with banana peel

Banana peel is ideal for lots of things, would you like to know which ones? If you’ve never thought about recycling this, here you’ll find five ideas to try it! It will surprise you, how useful banana peel can be… Maybe you already know some or you’ll find out more, in these cases, you can share them with us! Source:

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