Decorate with mugs

Coffee lovers, today is your lucky day! We are bringing here a DIY Project about how to decorate with mugs. I personally love coffee, tea and infusions and also all the accessories around them especially beautiful mugs. If you are passionate about coffee, I want to tell you about how to decorate any place of your home with coffee mugs.

How to make paper stars with origami paper

Today we are going to show you a tutorial about how to make origami paper stars. They are very useful to decorate your children’s room, the living room and even for your Christmas décor. If you use different colors you can adapt this stars to different decorations. What you need For making this project you’ll need some pieces of origami

DIY projects to recycle wooden boxes

Wooden boxes, like the ones we use to transport fruits and vegetables, can have a second chance if you know how to use them. This kind of boxes can give a lot of personality to your place and we must remember that eco trend is here to stay. They are a great opportunity of getting rid of the things you

Ikea hacks: Malma mirror

Today we bring here some ideas to customize your Malma mirror. This mirror can be found in IKEA shops worldwide and it costs only 1,99$. For this reasons a lot of people have used it to make their DIY projects. It is beautiful and simple and it can give you endless possibilities. Taking this cheap mirror you can have very

25 DIY wood projects

I’m sure that if you like handcrafting and DIY  you have used Wood to make some of your projects. Today we bring here some ideas or projects you can do with wood to decorate your home. They are easy to do and  although they are simple they can contribute to your home decoration. You have a lot of different projects,

Creative ideas to reuse plastic bottles

We all have some plastic bottles in house from water, soft-drinks, etc. Today we will bring here a DIY recycle project with some creative ideas to reuse plastic bottles instead of throwing them away. We have always thought that we can turn some things into beautiful project just if we have always recycling in mind and with some creativity. Here

Brilliant ideas for recycling CDs

In Becoration we love DIY projects, that’s why we bring here all the ideas we find so that you can also enjoy making these awesome projects. When you use recycled materials in this kind of projects it is even better because you can get rid of things you don’t use anymore turning them into beautiful crafts to decorate your home

DIY ideas to decorate your garden

It is possible that, although you have some flowers in your garden, it stills seems a bit empty. Don’t worry about it! Sometimes we need some external elements so that our garden look funny and original. In this post we’ll offer you some DIY projects so that you spend your time decorating your garden with special ornaments that everyone’ll love.

Painting with kisses

Today we have a funny and lovely craft, a picture that you’ll love and that will look awesome in your home. You just need your kisses, it sounds good, isn’t it? You can use different lipsticks that you have in your home and stamp your lips in a piece of fabric that we will then put in a frame. You

22 creative ideas to transform a bottle of wine into a functional masterpiece

Today, we want to show you some ideas to give your empty bottles of wine a second chance. Recycling your empty bottles of wine is easy and these crafts will look amazing at your home; they are functional, beautiful and creative. We hope that the following collection of pictures inspire you to make your own crafts with empty bottles of

Scrap wood decor

A few days ago we talked about eco-trend in decoration. Today we bring you some ideas to do your own eco decoration using scrap wood. This material could be used for almost everything and in a lot of different decoration styles. We can buy wood or use old furniture, pallets or other kind of wood to do it. In this

Ideas for decorating a flowerpot

Today we bring here some ideas for decorating an old flowerpot, that one that looks so boring and ugly, that you don’t use anymore. If you are looking for a decorative solution to this flowerpot, here you have five that you’ll love. Do you want to know them? Decorating a flowerpot is a great solution to make your place look

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