Colorful rugs to welcome autumn

Autumn is here, that’s why I want to tell you how beautiful it is to decorate with colorful rugs and give your home a funny touch. We love to see a new colorful rug in our home, it gives our place a lot of light and make it funnier. Today we want to share with you some interesting things we

A Chicago church transformed into a very luxurious family house

This abandoned church located in Chicago has been refurbished to create a modern luxurious family house with all the necessary things to make it a special place. Nowadays, every building can be turned into a place to live for any family. This is what has happened with this church located in Chicago, a temple that was empty and abandoned  and

Want to have the house of your dreams?

In the house of your dreams you should have all the things you have dreamed of. Then you should leave some space to put some of the amazing things we bring here today that will make your home a better place, if that is possible. Everyone have always dreamed with enjoying a new house with all their favorite things but

5 must-haves for a single apartment

This article is written to the women who are starting a new phase of their lives and are living alone. If you are one of those women, here you have some must-haves that your single apartment should have. Couple live is a beautiful experience in life but single life is something a woman should live at least once. Living alone

9 tricks for making the most of natural light at home

Everything counts when choosing the decoration you want for a room: the arrangement, the colours, the furniture… You should always know how to arrange and lay out the objects for making the most of natural light at home. Crystal panels Place a crystal panel where is an opening, this idea can be used on the façade or indoors. Like this, you’ll guarantee

Delicious scents for sweetening your spaces

Do you enjoy the delicious scent that fresh coffee leaves in your house in the morning? Do you like the sweet scent of homemade cookies?  Today, we want to share with you some ideas for choosing delicious scents for sweetening your spaces. Scents help us feeling at ease at home, but not everyone loves the same scents. Delicious scents for some

8 original decorative objects that can transform your home

If you like your house but you think your decorations needs to be livened up, it is your lucky day. Check out the 8 original decorative objects that we are going to show you today. You’ll see how easy it is strengthening your environments just complementing their interior design. Source: Maisons du Monde Decorative complements are really important, they tell a

Original Lamp Designs for decorating your home

Are you planning to change any lamp of your house? Do you liking having the most modern and trendy lamps in your decoration? Today, we want to share with you a collection of original lamp designs for decorating your home . We’ve made a selection of ten lamp designs that go from the most elegant and simple, to the most

Ideas and tips to organize your working space

Today we want to show you some of the most interesting and practical ideas we have found to organize your working space, both in your house or in the office. It doesn’t matter if you study or work, we all have some things to work on. In summer, we normally work some time at home because it is more comfortable.

How your kitchen will look like in 2025

This interesting idea comes from the minds of Ikea team and they haven’t just imagined it, they have actually built it. The concept kitchen 2025 is a pop-up exhibition featured at EXPO Milano 205 which shows how your kitchen can help you making thoughtful decisions about food and waste. And why a kitchen? “Of all the rooms in our homes

Decorate your pool with the last trends

With this hot weather we can only think about one thing: our swimming pool! And for that, we bring some cool ideas to decorate it. Summer is the time to enjoy the things we have, so to do it, we show you some ideas to get the most out of your pool. A special touch and some practical ideas that

DIY, bottle decoration (Part 1)

Today we want to bring here one idea to decorate bottles so that they look like beautiful vases. DIY is a trend that is giving us the opportunity to make our own designs to our own tastes, giving an added value to our decor. Today, we offer you the chance to make your own vase in an easy and cheap

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