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10 Important Things to Consider Before Designing a New Kitchen

Kitchen design is very subjective, there are few hard and fast rules. A feature or layout that is perfect for one person is far from perfect for another. These are 10 things for your new kitchen, we can help to start your design project. Here are 10 important guidelines for your kitchen design project. For efficiency, the work triangle (the

Put a locker in your home

Lockers are not a place to store just your books. They are normally used in your school or changing room but they can have much more uses. You can also use them to store other things or as a decorative element. Industrial and vintage look are a clear trend right now. Vintage lockers can be the best decorative element if

5 must-haves for a single apartment

This article is written to the women who are starting a new phase of their lives and are living alone. If you are one of those women, here you have some must-haves that your single apartment should have. Couple live is a beautiful experience in life but single life is something a woman should live at least once. Living alone

Fun vinyl kitchen decals for decorating your kitchen

Vinyl decals are a type of sticks for decorating spaces that you can use on the walls, the floor, the ceiling or any other surface such as cupboards or even the fridge. You can find vinyl decals in many different sizes and colours and it won’t be difficult to find one that fits your decoration because they’re a trend nowadays.

Tricks for organising your kitchen and saving space

Organising your kitchen is not always an easy task. However, with these tricks for organising your kitchen and saving space, it will be easier than ever. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, you can achieve great results with some simple elements such as plastic containers, jars or filling cabinets. The key is that you make the most

15 awesome kitchen gadgets everyone should have

Cooking is something not everyone loves, and that’s sometimes because it is a bit difficult. Thanks to the gargets we bring here today, some of those tasks will be much easier. Some people hate cooking because they don’t have enough time, because they find it difficult or because they prefer to do other things. Luckily, there are a lot of

10 tips for having a tidy kitchen

If keeping it tidy is important in every room of the house, it’s even more important in the kitchen. Especially, if your kitchen is not to big. When there aren’t many squared metres available, it’s better that we find the way of having a tidy kitchen. For doing so, today, we bring you 10 tips for having a tidy kitchen

DIY kitchen organizer

The shopping list, an appointment with the doctor, some tickets, tea towels, etc. We need to have a lot of things handy in our kitchen, therefore the order is a must. Now you can make your own wall organizer, a practical and decorative idea that will help you avoid forgetting about important things. Order is some of the main pillars

5 tips to make your home look bigger

Have you ever though that your home is too small? I think almost everybody has, we all would prefer having one more bedroom or some more meters in its living-room. Today we are going to show you some tips to make you home look bigger. If you live in a small flat, where the space is like gold, it is

20 witty gadgets for your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the spaces of a home where you can enjoy of many witty gadgets. You can find kitchen gadgets with lots of functionalities, colours and gadgets that will be able to transform your kitchen in your favourite room of the house! Docsite During the last few years, there have appeared a lot of Kitchen reality shows around

Tips to have a safe home for kids

Do you have small children? If the answer is yes, I’m sure you have taken some measures to make your home safer. They are trouble specialists so you have to protect them. Today we are here to tell you about the things you mustn’t forget if you don’t want to take risk. The best way to be sure about this

Grey and White decor

Good morning everyone! Today we will toalk about decorating with some simple colors: grey and White. If you are looking for a different decoration that make your place look more elegant and interesting, then you have found what you need. Grey color symbolizes elegance and we have endless tonalities to choose the one that fits our place better. We can

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