How to make paper stars with origami paper

Today we are going to show you a tutorial about how to make origami paper stars. They are very useful to decorate your children’s room, the living room and even for your Christmas décor. If you use different colors you can adapt this stars to different decorations. What you need For making this project you’ll need some pieces of origami

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Do It Yourself is about being passionate of handcrafts, recycling and decoration. DIY is a real trend nowadays. It’s a really good option for decorating, making special gifts, spending time together with your family or friends, or just enjoying yourself. But do you know where the term comes from and why has it become so popular? According to several sources,

Personalize your hangers

Today, we want to share some ideas to personalize your hangers and make your wardrobe look truly beautiful! Wouldn’t be great hanging your favorite clothes in hangers decorated by yourself? For helping you to personalize your hangers, we’d like to share with you two ways of decorating hangers. Firstly, the following step-by-step picture shows who to decorate hangers with paper

DIY projects to recycle wooden boxes

Wooden boxes, like the ones we use to transport fruits and vegetables, can have a second chance if you know how to use them. This kind of boxes can give a lot of personality to your place and we must remember that eco trend is here to stay. They are a great opportunity of getting rid of the things you

29 DIY mural ideas made with toilet paper tubes

Today, we’d love to share with you these creative and beautiful murals made with toilet paper tubes. DIY mural ideas made with toilet paper tubes are a great craft for recycling your toilet paper tubes and moreover, they look really original! If you’re thinking about starting new handcrafts, this collection of DIY murals will inspire you… Take a look and

Ikea hacks: Malma mirror

Today we bring here some ideas to customize your Malma mirror. This mirror can be found in IKEA shops worldwide and it costs only 1,99$. For this reasons a lot of people have used it to make their DIY projects. It is beautiful and simple and it can give you endless possibilities. Taking this cheap mirror you can have very

25 DIY wood projects

I’m sure that if you like handcrafting and DIY  you have used Wood to make some of your projects. Today we bring here some ideas or projects you can do with wood to decorate your home. They are easy to do and  although they are simple they can contribute to your home decoration. You have a lot of different projects,

21 DIY murals to brighten up your walls

If you adore decorating your empty walls, you’ll love this post. Today, we want to share with you these 21 ideas you can use to make your own original murals. These DIY murals are colorful and they radiate creativity in every direction. We hope these gorgeous ideas inspire you to create your own ones! Levitating hearts thanks to a hanger

Recycled board for your cups

This beautiful recycled board for your cups will help you to keep them organized in your kitchen or dining room. Moreover, it’s a great decorative idea; the contrast between the colorful cups and the wood will give an original touch to your wall’s décor. Recycling is a good alternative nowadays; it allows you to take advantage of every type of

Curtain made from recycled plastic bottles

With this amazing idea, you’ll love recycling plastic bottles. This curtain made from recycled plastic bottles looks fantastic and they don’t take much effort. Recycling allows you to take advantage of every type of objects to transform them into useful and beautiful things. Today, let’s go creative with this curtain made from recycled plastic bottles!  Source: Fab Art DIY As

Lovely cards for St. Valentine ’s Day

Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s day, the day in which the couples say how much they love each other. I think that love should be grown day by day, but if you want to say something beautiful to your couple, we will help you to solve that issue. Valentine’s cards are a long tradition; it is a very beautiful way to

Painting with kisses

Today we have a funny and lovely craft, a picture that you’ll love and that will look awesome in your home. You just need your kisses, it sounds good, isn’t it? You can use different lipsticks that you have in your home and stamp your lips in a piece of fabric that we will then put in a frame. You

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