Keys to decorate with gold and give your home an elegant touch

It is one of the most glamorous colors that can bring to your home. Brilliant, splendorous and full of light. Today we give you some advices for you to succeed when decorating with gold and incorporate it with success in the different rooms. It will be a great way to add extra value to interior design. One of the trends

Cozy & Playful Kids’ Room Ideas

We are all very affected by the environment in which we live in, and this is especially true for children. They are like little sponges soaking up everything that is around them. That is why it is really important how we design their rooms and what we put and don’t put in them. Being smart with the kids’ room will

Kids’ bedrooms decorated with Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is very convenient in kids’ bedrooms because they tend to be small and this style gives light and a relaxed ambience. Here you have some examples of kids’ bedrooms that can give you an idea of how they can look in your home. If y have thought about this style for your kids’ bedroom you’re totally right! This

Introduce wrought iron elements in your decoration

Wrought iron is a classical material, very common in rustic and countryside environments. This traditional material is also an art of handcrafting and it stills remains popular nowadays. Today, we bring you some ideas for introducing wrought iron elements in your decoration. You’ll see you can achieve very special effects with this decorative element. Source: Ikea It may seem a

Cosy bedroom decoration for this autumn

Are you looking for a cosy bedroom decoration for this autumn? Today, we bring you some ideas to inspire your imagination for creating a cosy bedroom decoration. Orange, yellow, brown and some tones of green are truly characteristic colours during autumn. They transmit a lot of feelings, specially warmness, which makes you feel more comfortable at home while it’s cold outside.

My favorite online decoration shops

It is the time to same money, time and effort buying in the best online decoration shops. Today I’ll show you my favorite ones! Decoration world is changing. I’ve always loved old pieces of furniture instead of modern and bar quality ones. But now decoration is not something expensive and price is not always directly related with quality. You can

DIY ideas for decorating your bedroom walls

Renovating the decoration is quite important. Changes can make us feel better at home since they create a new environment and style. This is essential, not only in the common spaces such as the living room or the dinning room, but also in the most intimate rooms of the house. New ideas can inspire us and make us feel more comfortable at

Organise an original birthday party in your garden

Is your garden ready for holding an original birthday party? If not, you may consider it after discovering the nice and easy to do ideas we bring today in order to organise an original birthday party in your garden. If you’re looking forward to celebrate your birthday in a special way, these DIY and original ideas for decorating your birthday

5 original spiral staircases for saving space

Spiral staircases are ideal for saving space at house, specially if you have a small two floors apartment. Today, we’ve made a selection of 5 original spiral staircases for saving space in case you need some inspiration for your home decoration. Classic staircases aren’t the only option. If you need to save some space or you just want to opt

Lovely Northern Europe Shops

I love shops where you can find toys, sweets, decoration things, things to make DIY projects and much more. It is like a paradise for me, a place to have fun and look for inspiration. This places offer not only a place to have a good time but also some ideas to decorate your home without spending a lot of

A modern house in London that will inspire you

Some houses are a source of inspiration, in this case, we hope this modern house in London created by Daniel Lee inspire your home decoration. Daniel Lee decided to remodel a house from the end of the 19th century and the result is inspiring. A superb remodelling project  Source: Remodelista Daniel Lee, an expert of the digital world, took on the challenge

10 easy and cheap DIY ideas for decorating walls

Decorating walls with DIY projects was never so easy. There are a lot of DIY ideas for decorating walls, so it’s not complicated finding the one that better goes with your tastes and your style. You can find cheap and easy to do DIY ideas for decorating walls and we want to share some of them with you in this post.

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