Organise an original birthday party in your garden

Is your garden ready for holding an original birthday party? If not, you may consider it after discovering the nice and easy to do ideas we bring today in order to organise an original birthday party in your garden. If you’re looking forward to celebrate your birthday in a special way, these DIY and original ideas for decorating your birthday

Systems for protecting your garden from prying eyes

Do you have a garden at home? Then, you’ll sure want to make the most of it during the summer. Today, we bring you some systems for protecting your garden from prying eyes easily. With the following ideas, you’ll have all the privacy you want at home even in your outdoor spaces. Source: Quick-Step Enjoying some quality time in the garden

Decorate your pool with the last trends

With this hot weather we can only think about one thing: our swimming pool! And for that, we bring some cool ideas to decorate it. Summer is the time to enjoy the things we have, so to do it, we show you some ideas to get the most out of your pool. A special touch and some practical ideas that

Recycled tyres for your flowers

Decorating with recycled objects is in fashion. It’s a trend that even some interior designers have used in their creations. Today, following this recycling trend, we want to share with you an idea for using recycled tyres for your flowers in the garden. Decorating with recycled objects is a great idea for saving some money at the same time that

15 DIY projects for decorating your garden

Summer comes and the garden becomes an important space of our home, that’s why we want to share with you 15 DIY projects for decorating your garden. If you’re looking for some ideas for decorating your garden this summer, this post will be of help. If you like handcrafting and DIY projects, you can decorate your garden in a wonderful

Awesome things that you should have on your garden

We  want every summer to be unique and with the ideas web ring here today it is possible, they are things that everyone should have on its garden. Some objects and products thought to make every moment pleasant and relaxing. You’ll want to have them all. In a few days, a lot of people will go on vacation, but there

Ikea’s plants and ornaments to have a Green summer

Ikea’s ornaments can help you to decorate your summery spaces. Don’t forget to use plants in this season, they give a lot of color to your décor. In Ikea’s catalogue 2015 you can find a lot of ideas to decorate your home for this summer. If you go to any shop you can see the new products and pick the

Outdoor bar ideas

Summer is finally here and today in becoration we have an idea to get the most out of it. Do you want to know what we are talking about? Then keep reading! Summer is the best season to use your garden or terrace and we all love to do it. The problem is that sometimes in winter we forget about

Easy DIY projects, the perfect activity for this weekend.

Not everybody have the time the wish to make DIY projects, but today we bring here some easy ones. You can make them in a weekend or less, so the problem of time disappears. The DIY projects we bring are outdoor stuff. Things to decorate your garden and get the most of it. Buying this kind of things is really

15 brilliant ideas to turn your old furniture into a garden

An old piece of furniture doesn’t have to be useless, using our imagination we can reuse it and turn it into an awesome object, as you will see in the ideas we are showing you today. Use your furniture to create your garden! The pass of time is sometimes a problem in our furniture, so sooner or later, we have

25 projects to create little indoor gardens

Not everybody has the possibility to have a garden in their homes because they don’t have enough space. This is not a problem anymore thanks to the idea we are bringing you today. In all homes the garden should be a must, an open area to plant our favorite plants, but not everyone has that possibility. Despite that, we can

Lemonade party!

Today we are going to show you a refreshing idea, how to make your own lemonade party. Summer is the perfect season for meeting with friends and celebrating parties because we tend to have more free time and better weather. If you are looking for an idea about a party with friends, you don’t have to think about it twice,

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