Kids’ bedrooms decorated with Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is very convenient in kids’ bedrooms because they tend to be small and this style gives light and a relaxed ambience. Here you have some examples of kids’ bedrooms that can give you an idea of how they can look in your home. If y have thought about this style for your kids’ bedroom you’re totally right! This

Decorate your home with a coastal style

Many of us dream about living beside the seaside. However, it’s not so easy making it become a reality, or maybe it is. Today, we bring you some tips for decorating you home with a coastal style. Decorate your home and recreate  the magic of sailor style atmospheres. Source: H&M If you like the cities next to the sea, your

8 keys for decorating with Scandinavian style

White, wood and light furniture are essential in the Scandinavian style and Nordic environments. This style is quite trendy lately and today we want to talk about 8 keys for decorating with Scandinavian style. Source: Bloomingville It may be because of the simplicity of the environments you can create with the Scandinavian style, for its delicateness or for the warmness

Trends in decoration: Zakka style

What’s Zakka style? Today, we’re going to talk about the curiosities of this style which is a trend in decoration with crafts, DIY projects and handmade decorative elements. Zakka style is synonymous of handmade decorative products and it’s a type of Japanese decoration. This style is based on domestic objects that improve quality of life due to the harmony they

10 pieces of furniture by Finn Juhl

Do you like Scandinavian furniture? The well-known architecture Finn Juhl has profoundly influenced Danish interior design. If you like this kind of style and you are looking for something different, you should know this person. This kind of décor looks amazing in small spaces and it is very special. Meet Finn Juhl He is an impressive, well-known interior designer that

British decor

British decor started some years ago, but it still remains with us. It is based on implementing the union jack, its colors, telephone boxes, the big ben, the London eye… It seems a bit difficult to implement it without failing because it has bright colors and it is not the easiest style, but if you add just some details to

Discover asian style

Equilibrium, symmetry, simplicity, spirituality. If you are passionate about oriental lifestyle and culture, I’m sure you’ll love this article. Main characteristics of Asian style Asian décor looks for beauty and harmony, you have to look for a peaceful place It is inspired in oriental countries, although we can find styles for each country, Asian styles takes some aspects of all

Industrial kitchens

Good morning! Today we want to show you some examples of industrial kitchens. If you like this kind of decoration I’m sure you’ll love these pictures. This is a style that we love, maybe not for having it in the whole home but in the kitchen it looks amazing. It looks even better if you can apply it on an

Nordic-style apartment

Good morning everyone! Today we want to share with you some ideas to have a nordic style apartment, so that’s why we have brought here some pictures of a nordic apartment very well-decorated. I personally love the simplicity of this kind of style and how it covers everything in white. You can also combine black and white to make the

Mixing styles in your living room

Combining styles can be daring, but it can also be a wise choice if we have into account some necessary aspects. Mixing styles with colors, furniture, materials, etc. can be an odyssey if you don’t have an interior designer that helps you or someone that advice you. If you don’t take a chance, you won’t know if it’s what you

Zara Home winter collection 2015

Zara Home winter collection for 2015 has everything you may need to make your spaces comfortable and warm. If you’re looking for linens, curtains or furniture for your home, this well-known brand offers thousands of combinations, collections and items. If you visit the brand official website, you’ll find the Zara Home collection for the coldest time of the year and

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