Useful tips for painting your house

Does your house need a makeover? There’s nothing better than renovating your wall painting to transform your environments completely. A just painted room, even if the furniture is the same, will look like a new one. Try it if you don’t believe it. Besides, painting your house is not necessarily a difficult task and you can do it yourself. Here,

Foldable furniture for small apartments

If you have a small apartment this article is for you. Here you have some examples of foldable furniture that will make your decoration more practical and beautiful. Small apartments are intimate and very personal. They are the best option if you live alone or for a couple. You can save a lot of time if you have a small

5 must-haves for a single apartment

This article is written to the women who are starting a new phase of their lives and are living alone. If you are one of those women, here you have some must-haves that your single apartment should have. Couple live is a beautiful experience in life but single life is something a woman should live at least once. Living alone

10 tips for having a tidy kitchen

If keeping it tidy is important in every room of the house, it’s even more important in the kitchen. Especially, if your kitchen is not to big. When there aren’t many squared metres available, it’s better that we find the way of having a tidy kitchen. For doing so, today, we bring you 10 tips for having a tidy kitchen

How to avoid allergies at home

Your home is the best place to be safe. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that can improve to make our home safer, especially if you are allergic. In the 21st century allergy is a common illness. In fact, around 25% of the population is allergic and in 2020 this will increase to 40%. If you or anyone in your home

Tips to redecorate a small flat

Do you need more space? Is your flat too small? Today we bring here some tips to make the lack of space an easy task. We must admit that the majority of us live in small flats and almost all would prefer having a bigger home. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t give up on having a well decorated and practical home. If

Tips to have a safe home for kids

Do you have small children? If the answer is yes, I’m sure you have taken some measures to make your home safer. They are trouble specialists so you have to protect them. Today we are here to tell you about the things you mustn’t forget if you don’t want to take risk. The best way to be sure about this

5 tips for creating a romantic bathroom decoration

Calmness, elegance, delicate tones and noble materials is everything you need to create a romantic bathroom decoration. It will be a temple where relaxing. Source: Leroy Merlin The bathroom is one of the most important spaces of your home. Therefore, you should decorate it according to your tastes in order to enjoy it. If you like elegant and cozy environments, you’ll

British decor

British decor started some years ago, but it still remains with us. It is based on implementing the union jack, its colors, telephone boxes, the big ben, the London eye… It seems a bit difficult to implement it without failing because it has bright colors and it is not the easiest style, but if you add just some details to

Discover asian style

Equilibrium, symmetry, simplicity, spirituality. If you are passionate about oriental lifestyle and culture, I’m sure you’ll love this article. Main characteristics of Asian style Asian décor looks for beauty and harmony, you have to look for a peaceful place It is inspired in oriental countries, although we can find styles for each country, Asian styles takes some aspects of all

Colorful decoration ideas

Colorful decoration does not only look amazing but it can also make your life happier. Seeing bright colors make the place look more original and funnier. So why not to try it? There are a lot of options to use this kind of colors and here in becoration we want to give you some ideas. If you want to adapt

Some colors to give light to your small apartment

Using colors that have the same tonality is one of the best tips for giving light to your place, making it look more spacious. Color decoration is one of the most important decisions is you have a small apartment. Here you have some ideas to help you. White White is the best color if you want your place looks bigger.

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