Small and colorful apartment for couples

Just few people bet on using bright colors for their home decor. They tend to think that they are going to get bored of these colors. But we can see examples like the apartment for couple we bring here today that make us think twice about the idea of using bright colors. Why don’t you think about using these colors

Minimalistic apartment with a fresh and cozy design

When the owners of this loft asked for a minimalistic, modern and fresh interior design to Rado Rick Designers, they had a really clear idea in mind. The vision of the designers influenced a lot the amazing result of this loft. This apartment located in Bratislava, Slovakia  has an open design, as the owners wanted. To get this, the designers

Foldable furniture for small apartments

If you have a small apartment this article is for you. Here you have some examples of foldable furniture that will make your decoration more practical and beautiful. Small apartments are intimate and very personal. They are the best option if you live alone or for a couple. You can save a lot of time if you have a small

An inspiring small apartment design by Cloud Pen Studio

These photos of a small apartment design will show you how you can decorate small spaces and make them be efficient. Would you like to know more? Check these inspiring small apartment designed by Cloud Pen Studio. Source: .cloudpen This small apartment is located in Taipei (Taiwan) and it’s a lovely space where all the important functionalities are at hand

Grey and White decor

Good morning everyone! Today we will toalk about decorating with some simple colors: grey and White. If you are looking for a different decoration that make your place look more elegant and interesting, then you have found what you need. Grey color symbolizes elegance and we have endless tonalities to choose the one that fits our place better. We can

Animal decor

Good morning everyone! Today we want to talk about the decoration using animal shapes and patterns. If you love animals, today we will show you some ideas to include them in your décor so that all your guests know how you are and what you like. Including animals in your décor is a trend nowadays, like animal print in fashion.

Small apartment of 35 meters in Paris

We want to share with you more ideas about how to decorate and renovate small apartments in order to transform them into wonderful houses. That’s why we bring you this small apartment of 35 meters in Paris, renovated by Semaa. We’ll comment some tips and keys about this gorgeous apartment. No doubt, the most important thing when starting a project

Colorful decoration ideas

Colorful decoration does not only look amazing but it can also make your life happier. Seeing bright colors make the place look more original and funnier. So why not to try it? There are a lot of options to use this kind of colors and here in becoration we want to give you some ideas. If you want to adapt

10 reasons to be happy in a small apartment

Some people think that leaving in a small apartment has a lot of disadvantages. A small apartment can be cozier than a huge house with a lot of rooms. There are a lot of reasons to be happy in this kind of places and here you have some of them: You’ll always be close to your books In a small

30 small apartments with witty decorations

Take advantage of every space of your home thanks to some witty and low-cost ideas. Small apartments have a lot to offer, don’t you think? There are a lot of ideas for decorating small apartments. Today, we want to share with you this inspiring collection of 30 small apartments with witty decorations. We hope you like them! Lighting and white

Creative decorating ideas for small spaces

Not everyone can afford living in a big house where lack of space is not a problem. But anyone can make his come look gorgeous and comfortable. You can have the most amazing decoration even in small spaces. Take advantage of the walls and the furniture. Sometimes, the most little details are the most beautiful ones. You can make your

Tips for decorating modern apartments

New tips for decorating modern apartments are always useful. There are infinity of options and we’d love share some of those with you today. Source: Mikhail Golub Transform your apartment into a charming and modern space following just some tips. We hope you find useful these ideas for decorating your apartment. Grey and white: an elegant combination Source: Mikhail Golub Grey

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