Minimalistic apartment with a fresh and cozy design

When the owners of this loft asked for a minimalistic, modern and fresh interior design to Rado Rick Designers, they had a really clear idea in mind. The vision of the designers influenced a lot the amazing result of this loft. This apartment located in Bratislava, Slovakia  has an open design, as the owners wanted. To get this, the designers

Decor ideas to have a happy place

Today I want to share with you the secret of many happy houses. Take into account these original ideas and you’ll make the difference. Small decorative elements are the ones that give life to our home, the ones that make our home a place in which we like to stay. Write down these ideas to make happiness the main character

15 awesome kitchen gadgets everyone should have

Cooking is something not everyone loves, and that’s sometimes because it is a bit difficult. Thanks to the gargets we bring here today, some of those tasks will be much easier. Some people hate cooking because they don’t have enough time, because they find it difficult or because they prefer to do other things. Luckily, there are a lot of

DIY pets decor

Today we want to bring here some ideas to make your best friends’ place a comfortable and a beautiful space. We normally focus just on the living-room or the kitchen but there’s a lot to do out of that spaces. When you become a DIY or a decoration lover, you try to make every space as beautiful as it can

Creative ideas made with Wood.

With some imagination and the following DIY projects you can add a Nordic look to your décor. If you are looking for creative ideas with wood, a main material in Nordic decoration, here you have some ideas to include it in your décor in different ways. If you want to know them, keep reading! Wooden letters Decorating with letters is

DIY desk organizer

Today we want to bring here an awesome DIY craft, something that can make our office a much more organized and beautiful place. If you want to know how to do it, keep reading! Sometimes we spend a lot of time organizing our stuff and we don’t know that if we create a system for organizing our stuff we can

Outdoor bar ideas

Summer is finally here and today in becoration we have an idea to get the most out of it. Do you want to know what we are talking about? Then keep reading! Summer is the best season to use your garden or terrace and we all love to do it. The problem is that sometimes in winter we forget about

Easy DIY projects, the perfect activity for this weekend.

Not everybody have the time the wish to make DIY projects, but today we bring here some easy ones. You can make them in a weekend or less, so the problem of time disappears. The DIY projects we bring are outdoor stuff. Things to decorate your garden and get the most of it. Buying this kind of things is really

Imaginative summer bedrooms for your kids

Summer is almost here and kids’ bedrooms are a great way to change your décor.  Here you have some ideas to change it so that it reflect the happiness and colors of this season. Home decoration is not something static, or at least it shouldn’t be. It should be a way to express the way your life is changing. The

Sailor nails

I love painting my nails in summer. They make you feel happier and prettier and it is just a small effort to make them look amazing. Nails décor is one of my favorite hobbies and a perfect way to relax. Today we are going to show you how to paint your nails in a “sailor style”. They are going to

Ikea hacks: Tables

Nowadays you don’t need to have a big Budget to have a great decor. Ikea is a furniture distributor that can help us to achieve this objective. They sell awesome furniture, but the problem is that sometimes all the furniture looks the same or it can also happen that it doesn’t fit your home décor. If you want your table

Arrow decor

Arrows are an element that symbolize strength, but also a great idea if you know how to include them in your decoration. They look so modern and they can give your home a different look. Just think about a place where you want to use them and use these ideas to inspire you. You can use different materials to do

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