A hotel in Brussels gives you the opportunity to live in your favorite Pantone

In Brussels we can find the Pantone hotel, which offers a colorful experience for 179€ per night. You can make a reservation in a room of any of the seven color palettes that the hotel offers. Each color combination corresponds to an entire floor. Opened in 2010 and designed by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaert, this hotel-boutique is an extension

Painted rocks with natural designs for decorating your spaces

Today, we bring you some cute and interesting ideas for does who like painting and crafts. If you have some rocks on your garden or at home and you don’t know what to do with them… Check out these ideas for creating painted rocks with natural designs. Painted rocks are great decorative elements for any space of your home and you

Original Lamp Designs for decorating your home

Are you planning to change any lamp of your house? Do you liking having the most modern and trendy lamps in your decoration? Today, we want to share with you a collection of original lamp designs for decorating your home . We’ve made a selection of ten lamp designs that go from the most elegant and simple, to the most

Elevators with amazing designs

Elevators are everywhere nowadays: houses, institutional buildings, hotels, attractions… They are a useful invention that has also be used for creating wonderful engineering constructions. Today, we want to share with you some elevators with amazing designs that we love. We’ve collected some amazing designs that go from the most impressive to the most fun and witty. Some of these elevators

A very stylish house located in Lithuania

This amazing house is located in the capital of Lithuania. It stands out for its contemporary style. A house with 247 square meters that has a lot of different things that make it unique. The design of this house was made by three architects, Alda Tilvikaitė, Milda Rekevičienė and Lukas Rekevičius from Aketuri Architektai, that worked together to build a house

Awesome things that you should have on your garden

We  want every summer to be unique and with the ideas web ring here today it is possible, they are things that everyone should have on its garden. Some objects and products thought to make every moment pleasant and relaxing. You’ll want to have them all. In a few days, a lot of people will go on vacation, but there

5 table lamps with original designs

Lighting is an essential element of our home decoration and you can find very original designs. There are infinity of designs to fit your style, so you just need to find the table lamps that go better with your decoration. Today, we bring you 5 table lamps with original designs to inspire your decoration. Lamps are very useful and beautiful complements. You

3 luxury bathroom designs you’ll love

We all have ever dreamed  with luxury bathroom designs as the ones we are going to share with you today: spacious, comfortable, modern and glamorous. A space where we can relax at the end of the day with calmness and surrounded by elegance. These 3 luxury bathroom designs are gorgeous. Source: Krion Bath The bathroom is one of the most

10 buildings with an incredible design

Sometimes, our mind can see something where there’s nothing. Those optical effects are very present in architecture. For example, with these incredible design buildings, you’ll wonder if they’re real or fictitious. Source Some of the buildings we can find around the world can be hard to believe, specially if we see it in a picture. Today, we want to share

10 pieces of furniture by Finn Juhl

Do you like Scandinavian furniture? The well-known architecture Finn Juhl has profoundly influenced Danish interior design. If you like this kind of style and you are looking for something different, you should know this person. This kind of décor looks amazing in small spaces and it is very special. Meet Finn Juhl He is an impressive, well-known interior designer that

Extraordinary design beds you’ll dream to have at home!

Do you like design beds? Today, we want to share with you some astonishing pieces of furniture for decorating your bedroom. Flashy and comfortable structures Source: Mazzali We bring you some superb design beds where resting must be amazing. Comfortable and different to every bed we’re used to… These design beds will captivate you! Circular bed Source: archiproducts This bed

An inspiring small apartment design by Cloud Pen Studio

These photos of a small apartment design will show you how you can decorate small spaces and make them be efficient. Would you like to know more? Check these inspiring small apartment designed by Cloud Pen Studio. Source: .cloudpen This small apartment is located in Taipei (Taiwan) and it’s a lovely space where all the important functionalities are at hand

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