Cozy & Playful Kids’ Room Ideas

We are all very affected by the environment in which we live in, and this is especially true for children. They are like little sponges soaking up everything that is around them. That is why it is really important how we design their rooms and what we put and don’t put in them. Being smart with the kids’ room will

Rooms of Ikea 2016 catalogue

The amazing Ikea 2016 catalogue is already here! As always, it is full of ideas, inspiration and new awesome pieces of furniture. Ikea is always a good option, and they want to prove it every year. When I receive my catalogue at home it is like a party day! I love to read every page,  see what’s new and see

Kids’ bedrooms decorated with Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is very convenient in kids’ bedrooms because they tend to be small and this style gives light and a relaxed ambience. Here you have some examples of kids’ bedrooms that can give you an idea of how they can look in your home. If y have thought about this style for your kids’ bedroom you’re totally right! This

Make a wall coat hanger for kids

Kids bedrooms are a space where imagination and creativity must be the main elements. Decorating them can be all an adventure in order to achieve a fun and beautiful decoration that children love. Colours are never too cheerful and originality should be always part of the decoration. This is the case of this lovely wall coat hanger for kids that

Transformation of a 1856 chapel into a School

In Belgium, some people have restored an old chapel of 1856 to transform it into a school for children between 12 and 18 years. Outside it has a classic design but inside it is really modern. Along the history and around the world a lot of chapels have been constructed and some of them have been abandoned. This kind of

5 DIY projects for this autumn

Autumn is the best season for making your DIY projects. If you want to start creating things to contribute to your decor, autumn is your season! In autumn it normally rains a lot, cold starts to come and cloudy days are the normal days. All we want to do is staying in the couch watching TV or doing nothing. If

Lovely Northern Europe Shops

I love shops where you can find toys, sweets, decoration things, things to make DIY projects and much more. It is like a paradise for me, a place to have fun and look for inspiration. This places offer not only a place to have a good time but also some ideas to decorate your home without spending a lot of

Awesome playgrounds designed by architects

From the time you know these awesome playgrounds designed by architects you’ll want to play in them, although you’re not a small child. Classic and boring playgrounds leave place to these ones and they are absolute works of art. When we talk about playgrounds we think about areas to let children play and in which we find a lot of

Decorating with recycled wooden boxes

The perfect DIY Project for recycling and designing; today we want to tell you how to decorate every space with recycled wooden boxes. Take some inspiration and start your own project! It is the perfect DIY Project for your bedroom that will help you being organize and at the same time it will make you have an awesome decor. Chaos

Black and white decorations for kids rooms

Decorating in black and white is quite common and it provides an elegant touch to many spaces. However, we don’t usually take into account the black and white combination when we’re decorating kids rooms. Today, we’d love to share some black and white decorations for kids rooms, to show you how beautiful and fun they can look. Black and white is

DIY potato print projects

DIY projects are an awesome idea if you want to decorate your home and you have a low budget, but also for other things. They give you the ability to personalize your space and make it unique. They also give you the ability to combine perfectly your new items with your current decor, therefore they are perfect if you want

Bright colors, bright life.

Colors contribute to our mood. They can make us feel absolutely happy or completely sad, so you should take into account which one you are going to choose in your décor. Bright colors, for example, make us feel happier and more energetic, so they are always a good idea, especially in summer. So if you are thinking about refurbishing or

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